New paint can make your home look completely refreshed, but just how often do you need to take on this major task?

Sometimes, you might just need a simple touch up before you plan to paint your place in a completely new color or add a new coat throughout your home.

Read on to learn more about when it’s time to repaint the entire home, and when you can just do a few touchups for an easy fix.

Consider Foot Traffic in Each Room

As a good rule of thumb, busier rooms will likely need a fresh coat of paint more often than others. For example, hallways and living rooms tend to need new paint much more frequently than a bedroom.

If you have kids, you’ll probably need to paint your place more often. Dirty hands and crayon marks can really do a number on your paint job over time.

Spaces like your formal dining room probably don’t need to be painted nearly as often as other rooms, like the kitchen. Take a close look at each room and think about how much wear and tear it undergoes to get a better sense of how often it might need new paint.

The type of paint you choose can also play a huge role in how often you need to worry about repainting walls. Try to select a paint with a durable finish for rooms that will deal with general wear and tear.

For your living room and dining room, you may want to repaint the walls every five to seven years. However, if you notice visible scuffs and other marks, a simple touchup should cover them up without having to paint the room entirely.

When to Paint Your Place: Kitchen, Bathroom, and Bedrooms

There’s no doubt that the kitchen is the messiest room in your home. With food splatters and sticky fingers on the walls, this part of your home likely undergoes the harshest treatment.

Make sure you’re using gloss paints on trim for the kitchen and the bathroom. This paint finish resists moisture, and it’s extremely easy to wipe clean when exposed to a mess.

The walls in your kitchen and bathroom should be painted in a durable satin or semi-gloss finish for the best results and the longest lifespan. Even so, you may need to paint these rooms every three to four years to keep them looking fresh and new.

If you have a busy household, the timeframe could be shorter when it comes to repainting house walls. Keep an extra can of paint handy so you can perform quick touchups as you notice blemishes.

There is much less foot traffic in bedrooms, so these areas probably won’t need repainting nearly as often. However, kid’s bedrooms can use a repaint every two to three years.

A master bedroom won’t likely need a new paint job as often as guest bedrooms or your child’s bedroom unless you want to change the color. An eggshell or satin sheen is a great choice for busier bedrooms since it cleans up easily.

Ceilings and Trim

When you paint your place, the ceilings are an area that often gets overlooked. When you repaint your ceiling, it will instantly brighten up your home and give it a fresh aesthetic.

Even if you don’t smoke or end up with stains on your ceiling, the white color can turn yellow over time. Sunlight, moisture, and other factors can slowly turn your pristine white ceiling into an unsightly shade.

Ceiling paint typically lasts much longer than the paint on your house walls. Still, it’s a good idea to repaint your ceilings every so often for a bright, clean look.

There’s no specific time frame when it comes to repainting your ceiling, so it largely depends on how off-color it looks. Try to repaint the ceiling at least every 10 years or so for the best results. White can immediately brighten up your room and make any space in the home seem larger.

Another area of your home that deals with a lot of abuse are the baseboard and trim. These areas are prone to bumps, dents, and scuff marks that can start to look unsightly over time.

Even if you repaint the entire inside of your home, dirty or scuffed trim will make the entire home look unattractive. Take a close look at the trim around doors, windows, cabinets, and floors to determine if they need a touchup.

In most cases, you should repaint your trim and baseboards every two to four years. If the trim is in a busy room where it takes a lot of abuse, touch it up as needed to keep it looking fresh. Keep a spare can of paint on hand so you can do quick spot touchups as needed.

Fresh Paint Can Do Wonders

When you paint your place with a new coat, it can make the entire home feel fresh, new, and clean. Perform some spot checks in the busiest rooms of your home like the kitchen, bathroom, and kids’ bedrooms. Look for areas where you can do a quick touchup to keep things in check.

Make sure you’re using the right paint sheen to extend the longevity of your paint job and to help with easy maintenance.

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