Getting a great night’s sleep is essential to good health, so it’s important to create a bedroom that evokes a tranquil vibe.

If you’re thinking about some new master bedroom paint ideas, there are a few crucial tips to keep in mind so your sleeping space is transformed into a peaceful oasis.

Read on to discover some paint ideas for your master bedroom that will make this space perfect for slumbering.

Choose Color Carefully

Color plays a major role in how we perceive the world. The same is true for your master bedroom, which is why you want to make sure you pick out colors that bring a calming energy.

You’ll find master bedroom paint colors in every hue, but lighter tones are ideal if you want this room to feel bigger. The darker the color, the more closed-in your master suite will feel.

Gray Colors

Sherwin Williams Interior & Exterior Gray Colors

Gray is a perfect neutral that will go with practically anything, and it’s also a great choice if you want your bedroom furniture and decor to stand out. This calming color comes in a ton of shades, and each one looks fabulous in the bedroom.

Blue Colors

Blue Painted Room with Bicycle

If you prefer not to stick with neutrals, try something warm like a deep blue or a warm green. These bold colors will give your master bedroom a cocoon-like feeling that’s perfect for sleeping in.

When you think about master bedroom paint ideas, consider the furniture and lighting in the room. Choose tones that will play well off what you already have rather than clash so your bedroom maintains its calming aura.

Consider Avoiding Bright Colors

White Room with Bright Accent Furniture

Try to avoid ultra-bright colors like vivid yellows or reds. While these colors are stunning, they can have a negative effect when used in the bedroom and might keep you awake at night.

Use Pastels for Soothing Energy

If the goal is to find a paint color that soothes, stick with pastels and lighter shades. Anything from a creamy off-white to a sweet baby blue will make you feel comfortable and calm for a great night’s sleep.

Two-Tone Master Bedroom Paint Ideas

Two-Tone Master Bedroom

If you’re thinking about doing something a little more unique, a two-tone paint scheme can work well in the bedroom. Decide which two colors you want to use first before you start painting for an easy transition.

Ideally, a two-tone color scheme in a master bedroom should be monochromatic. This means you’ll choose two similar shades at different intensity levels when you paint the room. For example, a soft misty green next to a slightly darker earth tone green is a beautiful choice.

To go a bit bolder, you can create a stark contrast with your two-tone color scheme. Just be aware that if the two colors are too different, it may create a feeling of chaos rather than calm.

Use a color wheel to help you find the perfect set of shades. Place different colors next to one another, and hold them up against the wall of your bedroom in natural light.

Changing your master bedroom to a two-toned look is a major update. Try to get a few paint samples for your project and put them on the wall next to each other. It’s a great way to get a better idea of how the final product will look before you start painting the entire room.

Another alternative to a two-tone paint job is to create a feature wall. Pick one wall of your master bedroom and cover it with wallpaper, then paint the rest of the room in a complementary color.

Paint Styles for Bedrooms

Not every type of paint is created equal, which means you may want to explore the different paint styles for your master bedroom before you make the change.

The sheen or finish of your favorite color refers to the surface texture the paint creates on your walls. It also determines how much light will reflect off the surface to create the look and feel you want.

A gloss or semi-gloss finish is usually reserved for rooms like the bathroom or kitchen where stains and moisture are prevalent. These paint sheen styles are not a good option for a bedroom in most cases.

Consider going with a flat or matte paint sheen for your master bedroom. This type of paint soaks up the light rather than reflecting it to create a calming effect.

Matte and flat finishes provide the most coverage and are much more practical for bedrooms. This paint is tougher to clean than some other types, but you likely won’t need to worry about that in a master bedroom.

Flat paint has the most pigment, which means it will make the most impact in your bedroom. If you’re concerned about maintenance and cleaning, an eggshell finish is another excellent choice.

As long as you don’t expect a lot of scuffs and stains, flat and matte are the best master bedroom paint ideas. However, consider something more durable if you’re painting a kid’s bedroom.

Elevate Your Sleeping Space with New Paint

Whether you’re remodeling your home or choosing colors for the first time, consider these master bedroom paint ideas to help you get started. From the color you choose to the paint’s finish, it’s important to pick out the right options for your needs.

If you decide to go with a two-tone look, remember to try out a few samples or use a color wheel before you make the change.

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