Choosing an exterior paint color can be a difficult process.

Why you ask?

Because choosing the wrong color can cost your more money or even leave you disgusted every time you look at your house.

You don’t want that and we don’t want that for you.

We will discuss:

  • Important Considerations Prior To Choosing Exterior Paint (Don’t Overlook This)
  • Our Most Favorite Exterior Paint Colors For 2020 And Beyond
  • How To Schedule A Color Consultation For FREE ($150 Value)


Let’s get started:

Important Considerations Prior To Choosing Exterior Paint (Don’t Overlook This)

The number one thing I see people overlooking is the color of their roof.

And it’s actually why we started offering free exterior paint color consultations.

Here’s why:

A customer requested black paint for the trim and grey for the body of the house.

So that’s what we did.

Unfortunately, no one considered the brown roof color and the colors just didn’t work.

The customer knew it and I knew it.

Which ended up costing us and the customer more time, money and frustration than any of us wanted.

So please make sure you consider the color of your roof and these questions before searching for the perfect color scheme:

Questions to Consider Prior to Choosing An Exterior Paint Color

  • What’s the color of my roof and how can I integrate the trim and body color with it?
  • Does my home exterior have brick, stone, metal or any other elements that effect the overall look? If so, what colors are they?
  • Does your HOA have specific exterior paint guidelines you have to follow?
  • Do you want a color that is timeless or trendy?

Just by taking these questions into consideration will help you take a giant step in the right direction.

Now let’s get down to the fun stuff.

Here’s are our most popular exterior paint colors for 2020 and beyond:


Black, Grey and Wood

Black is the hottest thing on the block in 2020.

More and more we are getting customers requesting to paint their home black and for good reason:

It look absolutely incredible on exteriors.


  • Black is timeless
  • Black can add a beautiful dimension to your home
  • Pairs well with almost any color
  • Looks amazing on exteriors


  • Dark colors fade faster because they attract more sunlight
  • Black shows everything – so if your siding needs a lot of “cover up” – you may want to consider another color

Overall, black is an amazing exterior paint color when paired properly.

Black will, however; break down faster (due to heat) and you may lose a couple years of paint life.

Here are a few of our favorites:

Iron Ore (SW 7069) By Sherwin Williams

Credit: HomeBunch

At Dhoanny Painting, we are in love with Sherwin Williams Iron Ore (SW 7069).

It’s probably one of our top contenders at this time – and I would describe it as a charcoal black.

When you pair Iron Ore with a true black, you can make subtle contrasts that look stunning.

Here’s how Iron Ore looks up close:

Credit: The House of Silver Lining

What we love about Iron Ore is it isn’t too dark but you can still tell there are blackish tones giving off a real nice charcoal look.

Just keep in mind that when direct sunlight hits it, the tones will look more grey.

You can also see recent projects with Iron Ore by visiting the Sherwin Williams website here: Iron Ore (SW 7069)

Black Magic (SW 6991) By Sherwin Williams

Credit: Rosewood Custom Builders

Our second favorite black exterior paint color is Black Magic by Sherwin Williams.

I would describe it as a bit of a softer black that pairs well with whites, grays and wood undertones (as seen above).

Black Panther By Benjamin Moore

Credit: Remodelista

Black Panther by Benjamin Moore is a true black, however; not as rich as many of the other truer blacks.

Black Panther shares the same softness of Iron Ore but is a deeper, darker black.


White Exterior Painting Project

White is classic, timeless, clean and bright.

One of the benefits to white is that it looks good with any color and can really brighten up your home.

White also never goes out of style (that I know?).

Which may be why white is also the most commonly requested trim color we get at Dhoanny Painting.


  • White is timeless
  • White can brighten up your home
  • Pairs well with almost any color
  • Looks amazing on exteriors
  • Last a long time


  • We really can’t think of any

Pure White (SW 7005) By Sherwin Williams

Credit: Barrow Building Group

Pure White (SW 7005) is probably the brightest white out of all of our suggestions and it’s one of the most common.

Pure White also pairs well with almost any color and looks good by itself.

Alabaster By Sherwin Williams

Alabaster by Sherwin Williams Exterior Color

Alabaster SW 7008 is a gorgeous white paint with a bit of a creamy hint to it.

Extra White By Sherwin Williams

Extra White by Sherwin Williams

Extra White SW 7006 doesn’t look like what the name suggests.

Instead of being a super bright white (like you would think) extra white is toned down with a bit of cream undertones – making this one of our favorite white colors for exteriors and interiors.

3. Gray

Multi Gray Exterior Paint Project

Gray is our most commonly requested exterior body paint color and more often than not, customers ask for a “True Gray” because some grays can look blue or brown.

Here are the pros and cons of painting the exterior of your house gray:


Gray is versatile and timeless
Pairs well with almost any color
Gray hides imperfections well


The wrong color gray can not look gray at all so make sure you paint samples on your house

Here are a few of our favorite Gray’s:

Summit Gray (SW 7669) By Sherwin Williams

Summit Gray (SW 7669), Extra White (SW 7006), Greenblack (SW 6994)

Summit Gray SW 7669 is a true gray that is lighter in color.

We have used Summit Gray on a number of projects and it’s one of our favorite grays especially when paired with a darker gray such as peppercorn.

Peppercorn (SW 7674) By Sherwin Williams


Sherwin Williams Peppercorn SW 7674 is a dark, true gray that demands attention.

If you are considering a darker grey, this is it.

Here is another picture so you can gauge the look and feel of Peppercorn:

Peppercorn and White Exterior

4. Navy Blue

A recent trend as of 2020 has been navy blue.

At first I was a little hesitant about using this color until we completed a few exterior projects and the results were amazing.

Navy blue looks best when you have a grey roof and pairs nicely with white for the trim.

Also consider painting your front door gold for to make the whole paint job pop.

Naval SW 6244

Naval by Sherwin Williams

Naval won color of the year by Sherwin Williams for 2020 and has recently been a huge hit at Dhoanny Painting.

Typically we pair Naval with white (as seen above) on trim and make it really pop with a vibrant front door.

Choose the Perfect Colors For Your Next Project

Want a free color consultation so you make sure you get the exact colors you were looking for?

Just schedule a quote with us and at the of the quote we will schedule a color consultation with a Sherwin Williams rep absolutely free.

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